The project provides several informative and preparatory action:
  • Competence matrix – a grid matching trainers’ profiles and learners’ profiles. It provides the outlook of empowered professional profiles of trainers dealing with learners with very diverse migrant background and perspectives.
  • An E-learning environment – an open web space allowing the hosting and organization of the OER repository which can be used for the social networking among the VET trainers and operators from very different sectors dealing with migrants, hosting the VIEWS resources allowing to share, like, link, tag, comment etc
  • OER repository – a dynamic web database integrating and harmonizing the rich repertory of fragmented resources for VET trainers dealing with migrants already available on the web, with a focus on: curricola and training offers for trainers dealing with migrants and resources for training addressed to migrants.
  • A Competence self assessment tool – targeted on VET trainers and operators dealing with migrants, is not actually available at national nor at European level. Having a decisive impact on increasing the awareness of VET System and trainers about the required competences to effectively work with learners with migrant and disadvantaged background, supporting professional development of educators and training professionals dealing with migrants to face equity and inclusion challenges in learning environment and promoting participation of learners with disadvantaged background.
  • A Trainer supporting toolkit – collecting the essence of the VIEWS project results, taking advantage of the validation feedback. Supplying methodological and technical support to the VET trainers, operators and providers for the adoption of the e-learning platform. A strategic communication tool.