Apart from the VIEWS training course, that is the main outcome, the project has produced several reports by means of the studies carried out during the project implementation. Here you can find the project results.

Competence Matrix​

The Competence Matrix is a grid matching trainers’ profiles and learners’ profiles. It provides the outlook of empowered professional profiles of trainers dealing with learners with diverse migrant background and perspectives.

Final Conference

On the 28/11/2023 the Final Project Conference has been organized, at the Representative of European Union in Rome. Here you can find the video of the event and the press release.

Best practices' repository​

OER Repository is a dynamic web database integrating and harmonizing the rich repertory of fragmented resources for VET trainers dealing with migrants already available on the web, with a focus on: curricola and training offers for trainers dealing with migrants and resources for training addressed to migrants.