Endorsed Educator in Inclusive Practices

Course Overview

The “Endorsed Educator in Inclusive Practices” training course is designed to empower educators and training professionals to effectively support learners with disadvantaged backgrounds, particularly migrants, in diverse learning settings. This course aligns with EU perspectives on inclusive education and aims to enhance participants’ skills in creating equitable and inclusive learning environments.

Target Audience

This training course is intended for educators, trainers, and professionals working in various educational settings, including vocational education and training (VET) organizations. It is specifically designed for individuals who are committed to addressing the needs of migrants, promoting equity, and fostering inclusive practices in education.

Course Contents

  • Module 1 – Culture and Diversity
  • Module 2 – Rights, Duties and Citizenship
  • Module 3 – Languages
  • Module 4 – Digital Experiences
  • Module 5 – Soft Skills
  • Module 6 – Empowerment and Coaching

Course Objectives

Participants who complete this training course should be able to:

  • Understand and apply EU perspectives on equity and inclusion in education.
  • Develop and implement learner-centered and personalized approaches to teaching and training.
  • Address the unique needs of disadvantaged learner groups, including migrants.
  • Create inclusive learning environments that embrace diversity.
  • Promote cultural competence and intercultural understanding among learners.
  • Contribute to the mobility of trainers and educators in the context of migrant education.

Assessment and Certification

Participants will be assessed through online questions at the end of each Module. Successful completion of all the Modules will result in a certification recognizing their qualification in promoting equity and inclusion in learning environments for migrants.



Study mode

Fully online


Final certification